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The Cosmetics Doctor Clinic is solely run by GMC registered Dr Amber Woodcock. All cosmetic treatments are carried out by Dr Woodcock who is committed to patient care and satisfaction. We aim to give you the desired results in every treatment we deliver. With over 100 5* reviews on google, you can be assured of a great experience every time!

What We Do

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Our patients receive a complimentary initial consultation with Dr Woodcock to assess suitability and discuss treatment options. Dr Woodcock will then suggest an appropriate treatment plan for you and provide information leaflets.

You will then have a chance to make sure you are happy with the treatment offered and decide whether you would like to proceed. Once you have decided you can book your first clinical appointment and your first treatment will be administered.

Once you have had your first treatment you can come back for repeat appointments at recommended intervals. For future visits to maintain the effects of the procedure, you can simply book an appointment and have the procedure carried out at your convenience.


At Cosmetics Doctor, we offer a range of treatments covering all cosmetic areas. Take a look at our most popular below.

Cosmetic Concerns

What are your skin and cosmetic concerns? Simply select the one you wish to know more about.


We can recommend effective products to unblock your pores and gently exfoliate the dead skin cells away. All of pHformula’s products are non comedogenic (they won’t block your pores).

Crow’s Feet

The main cause of Crow’s Feet is a decrease of the amounts of collagen and elastin in the skin and persistent muscle movement. We can treat your crows feet with our various skin treatments.

Tired Eyes

Our under eyes can be prone to creasing, pigmentation and dark circles. We offer bespoke skincare and a variety of safe, proven treatments for all these concerns.


Some skin conditions can cause uncomfortable flushing, redness and visible blood vessels. There are many non invasive treatment options and we can advise what may suit you best.

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As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen decreases in our skin. Combined with sun damage. smoking and other lifestyle factors, this causes our tissues to become lax and loose. The result is sagging around the lower face and sometimes “jowls” around the mouth.

Nose to Mouth Lines

Medically known as nasolabial lines, nose to mouth lines run from the corner of the nostrils to the corner of the mouth. Deepening over time, they appear as the facial skin & supportive structures become lax.

Cosmetics Doctor Norwich


Lip size is based on many factors such as genetics, ageing and race. As we age we lose collagen and hyaluronic acid which means our lips reduce in size. Gradually the lip tissue become smaller and dehydrated and lines around the mouth may appear. Or maybe you have asymmetrical lips and would like to achieve a more even appearance.


Wrinkles are an inevitable sign of ageing. The main cause of wrinkles is a decrease in the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin. These proteins are responsible for our skin’s elasticity, but production drops as we age.


What Our Patients Say

Thank you. I’m very very pleased with the results. See you soon for my next treatment. 5/5 Rating

Patient JW

Friendly and Professional service from my Cosmetics Doctor would highly recommend. 5/5 Rating

Patient JR

Had my lip fillers today and was so excited about it – the results were amazing. Amber makes her customers feel really comfortable and made sure I understood everything and took me through every step during the procedure. I’m so pleased and would recommend her to everyone considering one of the treatments especially if it’s your first time. Thank you so so much!

Patient ED

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