What Are Breakouts?

Breakouts can be characterised by congestion, inflammation, redness and breakouts. Many patients do not understand which treatments are safe to use and we will help to advise you on what is safe and effective.


What Treatments Are Available?

After a complimentary consultation with Dr Woodcock, a detailed treatment plan will be made for you. Skincare ingredients can be very confusing and many patients are using the wrong ingredients which can worsen the skins condition! We can recommend effective treatments to unblock your pores and gently exfoliate the dead skin cells away. All of pHformula’s products are researched, tested and non comedogenic (they won’t block your pores). We also regularly liase with patients GP’s to help you get any acne medication you may require.

Once you have started your new skincare regime, a course of skin resurfacing treatments may help your breakouts. Our skin resurfacing treatments contain anti-bacterial ingredients to reduce infection and heal your spots. They also contain anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm and settle the skin. All ingredients are fully researched by pHformula. Once the skin is healthier and less inflamed we can then concentrate on improving the skin further, for example if you have acne scarring or pigmentation? We can help you address that too with a combination of treatments.

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To find out more about breakouts and the skincare we recommend, see the pHformula acne guide – All about Acne

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