What Is dull/tired skin?

Looking for glowing, healthy skin? Fed up of using commercial products and not seeing any changes? It can be daunting knowing what products to use and many of us are using the wrong products which are damaging our skin further!

What Treatments Are Available?

After a complimentary consultation with our cosmetics doctor, a detailed skincare and treatment plan will be made for you. A lot of our patients don’t understand which skincare products to use and often use the wrong ingredients which can worsen the skins condition. We can recommend effective products to keep your skin glowing and healthy. All of pHformula’s products are medical grade, highly researched and have 5* feedback from all of our patients.

Once you have started your new skincare regime, we can create a treatment plan to address your skin concerns. We offer a variety of expert skin treatments, including chemical resurfacing, skinpen, IPL and Laser all with fantastic results and reviews. We are also the first clinic in Norfolk and Suffolk to have the Morpheus8 Skin Tightening Machine.

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Dull & Tired Skin Treatments

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