What Is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation treatment using Homecare only

Melasma Treatment – Using homecare only.

Sun Spots Treatment – Homecare Only

Hyperpigmentation includes a spectrum of skin disorders often characterised by excess melanin deposits in the skin. This may be due to sun exposure, hormones, pregnancy or ethnicity. The media and celeb endorsements can make it very confusing to know which pigmentation treatments are safe to use and we can help guide you through the minefield! We are experienced in treating all skin types and colours.


Common pigmentation concerns are:

Sun Spots/Sun Damage
Pigmentation after scarring/acne. (PIH)


What Treatments Are Available?

After a consultation with Dr Woodcock, a detailed treatment plan will be made for you. Skincare ingredients can be very confusing, we can recommend an effective anti-pigment treatment regime for you.

Once you have started your new skincare regime, a course of skin resurfacing treatments may help your pigmentation. These can be done all year round provided you avoid UV exposure.

Our skin resurfacing treatments contain pigment lightening ingredients to reduce uneven skin tone and help undo UV damage. They also contain anti-inflammatory ingredients and are safe in all skin types and colours. All ingredients are fully researched by pHformula.

Sun Spots, sun damage/freckling and Solar Lentigos may be treated by our incredible Lynton IPL machine.

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