Tired Eyes

The eye area is often the first place to reveal the signs of ageing, as the skin is thinner and more prone to creasing. Common patient concerns are under eye dark circles, poor skin quality and skin creasing.

Why Do My Eyes Look Tired?

The main cause of lines and wrinkles is a decrease in the amounts of collagen and elastin in the skin. These proteins are responsible for our skin’s elasticity, but production drops as we age. The best way to postpone the appearance of these lines is to use an SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, wear sunglasses when outside, avoid smoking, drink plenty of water and follow a good skincare routine, particularly one that includes vitamin c and retinol. Sometimes genetic factors can play a part leading to hollows under the eyes.

For pigmentation under the eye we can advise on a skincare routine to brighten the area, for crinkles/laxity we can advise on collagen boosting procedures such as chemical resurfacing and Skinpen microneedling. For crows feet we also have a variety of treatments such as Anti-Wrinkle Treatment or . Resurface LaserIf you have sagging, bags or skin laxity, we have the award winning Morpheus8 skin tightening machine.


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